Lepidus Displays

Lone Star Rattlesnake Days
Snake Displays

We offer a variety of live snake displays for your education and enjoyment.  The main display is most of the 32 species of rattlesnakes (along with approximately 70 subspecies) found throughout North, Central and South America. 

You will have the opportunity to view some very rare species such as the Aruba Island Rattlesnake (courtesy of the Dallas Zoo) and the Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake (courtesy of the Arizona Herpetological Association), as well as, the tiny Twin-spotted Rattlesnake and the large Eastern-diamondback Rattlesnake.  In addition, a large selection of native central Texas snakes will be on display and help you learn to identify those found most frequently in our area. 

Rattlesnakes of the World

We invite you to discover some of the most beautiful, interesting, and captivating snakes, the rattlesnakes. We have naturally occurring species as well as unique color morphs such as albino, melanistic (darker than normal), and even patternless.

Native Rattlesnakes from North, Central & South America

  • Several Threatened & Endangered Species
  • Variety of Unusual Color Morphs
  • All Species are Labeled by Name and Geographic Range

Native Snakes of Central Texas

Do you know how many different species of snakes we have in Central Texas? Come find out and explore our native snakes display. Come enjoy hognose, coachwhip, garter, rat and kingsnakes in their many different patterns and colors. Learn about how beneficial they are to our environment by keeping rodent populations in check and we are you are likely to encounter one.

Come Discover the Most Common Snake in Central Texas

  • Do You Know How to Identify Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes?
  • Which Snakes are Excellent for Controlling Rodent Populations?
  • Which Snakes Will Play Dead to Deter Predators?

LSRD Accessibility


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Our event is fully wheelchair accessible.

Pets are not allowed, but Service Dogs are always welcome!



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