ProfileThe Rattlesnake Preservation Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  It was created and is operated by professionals involved in all aspects of biological and societal issues that threaten this iconic animal.

The RPT recognizes that this is no easy task. For true conservation to be successful, we must engage the input and involvement of a large cross-section of stakeholders. Biologists, educators, landowners and the public at large must all play an active role in creating and initiating sound conservation practices for this animal, its critical habitat and ultimately, its future.

That is what the RPT is all about! Working together as a single force to ensure that this animal holds a secure place in our natural world.As an organization founded on scientific principals, the RPT is engaged in international conservation efforts for rattlesnakes.

Promoting Education

Education is the key to understanding and fostering a sense of appreciation and stewardship.

Funding Critical Research

Both conservation and biomedical research are crucial to rattlesnake conservation. By helping to fund these important programs, the RPT is playing a vital role in the future of this animal for generations to follow.

Habitat Protection

From the deserts of the Southwest United States to the rainforests of South America, we work to identify critical habitats and initiating plans on preserving these important areas.

Stakeholder Partnerships

Working with ranchers and other landowners to build a partnership that promotes conservation in sensitive areas where people and snakes share the land. Through this unique bond, we can elicit acceptance and help to stop illegal poaching on these private lands.

Mission Statement

To share factual information and scientific data about rattlesnakes in order to promote conservation and respect for wildlife.